How to learn AWS

I’m trying to be as efficient as possible in my AWS learning methods. I know nothing about cloud computing and everything I learned in the network class I took last semester went over my head. The Item Academy is has been great in laying out the fundamentals for me, but I still feel like I’m behind the learning curve. I’ve been looking at other resources to help break things down a bit more for me. I only have a few pennies to spend, but I would like a robust set of resources.

  1. Cloud Academy seems the most intriguing to me. The price is right, they offer their professional plus tier to students for $9/month. They have video courses, quizzes and AWS certification prep! Now that’s what I came for. Without the student discount this tier is a little over $40/month. That’s a little too decadent for my budget, so praise God for the student hook-up.schermata-01-2456321-alle-16-39-40
  2. Amazon actually offers their own training series, but they don’t sound as cute as CLOUD ACADEMY. I’ll definitely use them as a learning resource, but the lingo goes over my head a bit. I need them to explain things to me like I’m five. I think when I’m a little better versed I’ll circle back around to them.amazon_web_services
  3. Tuts Plus seems helpful also. I don’t think they’re giving me everything I need, especially since they are another paid service. They’re worth a browse though. I need all the help I can get.


Still on the hunt for more learning resources. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect match soon.


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