How to create an S3 bucket…

The S3 bucket is has become my favorite AWS service so far. Its a no fuss way to start storing your favorite things in a secure, scalable  and cost-effective way. Its super easy to create and connect to.

  1. Log into the AWS console and make your way over the S3 Service console.
  2. You’ll come to a welcome page. Go ahead and click the blue ‘create bucket’ button.
  3. Name your bucket and pick your region, then click ‘create.’
  4. You now have your very own S3 bucket! Now let’s add a folder so we can start adding our stuff.
  5. Go back to the S3 service console. In the buckets panel, select the bucket you just created and then click the ‘create folder’ button up top.
  6. Give your folder a cute name and you can start transferring objects from your desktop into your new folder!
  7. You can also make your folders publicly accessible, in case you want to do a collabo with a friend.
  8. In the ‘Actions’ menu choose ‘make public’ you’ll be given a link that you can now share with anyone you’d like!!
  9. and that’s it! super easy AWS service!

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