How to find inspiration…

Sometimes I get big ideas in my head. Maybe I CAN build a TARDIS from scratch and travel through space and time. I could be a bit more realistic and maybe just end poverty and violence in the Third World. I could zoom in on that idea a little more and maybe…(well I’m not telling you my idea yet. I don’t even know you that well). Where do I even get started? How do I get over the feeling of not being a good enough programmer, not having any business savvy. How do I just get over all the doubt hurdles and just do the damn thing?? Find some inspiration. Nothing inspires me and fires me up more than watching someone talk about their passions. That’s why I love TED Talks. I mean I could go down a serious rabbit hole and spend a good twenty hours watching them so I try to limit myself to a few videos in a row. Here’s a playlist of my current favorite TED Talks.


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