How to REALLY appreciate Ira Glass…


Ira Glass is a National Treasure. If a nuclear apocalypse occurs, please make sure he gets to one of those super fancy bomb-proof bunkers. We’re going to need him to recount stories from the past.He brought us the brilliance that is This American Life and personally, my Sunday is not complete without his soothing vocals and gripping stories. I need people to appreciate him more. He quotes are floating around the internet, there’s little gems of appreciation to him hear and there, but I need him to be a bigger precesence in our pop culture consciouness. I would like more rap references to Ira Glass, perhaps a Broadway Musical dedicated to him. I need more. One of my internet faves, Evelyn From the Internets gave a solid shout-out to the radio man and mentioned my favorite Ira gem specifically!

‘Do a lot of work’ thats what Ira said! Sometimes I feel like, I’m not the most creative person. I’m not the best programmer. My coding skills are mediocre, everything I put on CodePen is laughable, but then Mr. Glass comes through with the knowledge.


So I just have to do the work. Do a lot of work, until I get better. My weather app my not be cool, or unique, but its something I’m working on until I can write a weather app code in my sleep.The work won’t be perfect, or even close to good, but it’l be done and I can look back at it, and see where I need improvement. Thank you for the insight Ira Glass.

Enjoy this love song to Ira, via Adam WarRock–


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