How to catch ’em all…

Screen shot 2016-05-06 at 10.56.25 PM

Everyone is out in the streets catching Pokemon and it is glorious. I was recently blessed by my Fairy Tech Brother Jus Technology with a super useful Pokemon Go hack using Python. First of all, every time I think of Python, I think of my friend Ekans. I then I proceed to do the Ekans call for several minutes (Ekaanss, Eakansssss!)



So this hack will allow you to see just where the Pokemon are on the map. This way you’re not wondering around aimlessly and you can save your incense for more important stuff.

You will need to know your way around your terminal and a little Python knowledge will be helpful also. This hack is pretty useful. You’ll catch those Pokemon and gain some Python XP at the same time. Happy hunting!


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