How to get Oprah to like you…

Billionaire Gawdess, philanthropist, bread-lover and all around amazing human being– Oprah Gail Winfrey just released the SuperSoul 100. It’s a list of a hundred people serving something bigger than themselves. Most of the names I recognize from SuperSoul Sunday, but I was particularly inspired by the GIVERS on the list.

I’m not gonna get into how hashtag blessed I am, but I’m always looking for ways to give back. I can be somewhat of an idealist sometimes. I have big ideas and big dreams about how I can change the world. How I can fix all the death and destruction, and then my logical siade goes “psst, humans are the worst, don’t even trip”. Its nice to see a group of people¬†dedicating themselves to making sure that the big ideas and the big dreams are possible. The SuperSoul 100, just gave me a giant syringe of inspiration. I’m going to enjoy some bread now.


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