How to deal with rejection…

A big part of being a newbie in the tech field is rejection. Rejection is just an unpleasant part of the human existence. I’ve suffered enough setbacks to make me a rejection PRO, but for some reason every time I see that ‘we regret to inform you’ from a potential employer, I do a little bit of this…

So how do you get over the emotional slice of having a business hit you with the ‘girl,bye’?

  1. Feel it. Feel the disappointment, but don’t wallow in it for too long.
  2. Do a self-analysis. This doesn’t mean pick yourself a part and question your whole self-worth, but just see where you can make improvements, what can set you apart from the others. For me, I’m realizing that I don’t have a big enough body of work. I need to showcase, my skill and what I have to offer.
  3. Get motivated, watch something happy, shake off the negativity and move forward.
  4. Do the work. Build the portfolio, improve the skill, make yourself irresistible. If rejection strikes again, do a Brian McKnight and start back at one.

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