How to make a magic mirror III…

So I finally did it. I was able to complete my Magic Mirror!


I ended up having to get a new (used from eBay) monitor.


I added the patterned tape around the edges to give it some flavor.


Add your favorite plants and its actually a pretty fly addition to any meditation space.


How to get your shine on…

My last post had some questions about mixing mindfulness with technology. I seemed to have manifested an answer: SHINE.

Shine is a text-based app created by two women of color. Shine sends you a text message every morning with positive affirmations and sometimes a hilarious gif. One of the founders described the service as “a way to address negative thought patterns.”


The messages range from quotes to gifs, all of which hit on one of the startup’s four pillars: Confidence, daily happiness, mental health and productivity.

Somebody at CNN

Its such a brilliant idea and an amazing positive way to start any day. I would love the opportunity to learn from and/or work with the creators of this service. Use this referral link to not only try the service yourself, but it’ll give me a chance to have the creators notice me and like me and want to work with me. K, thx.



How to mix mindfulness with tech…


I feel like my Magic Mirror project was a bit of a metaphor for my life. It had so many pieces and moving parts. One minute it seems like I’m heading in the right direction towards completion and then an unexpected thing happens and everything falls apart. Its easy to look at this as a failure and wish I hadn’t wasted so much time and energy on it, but I could also look at the bigger picture. The lessons I learned while trying to build this project. I could stop and really evaluate what went wrong. What do I need to do better? A mindful space. Now for my Mirror project I probably just burned  out the power board for the monitor. The simple fix for this is either a different monitor or a new power board. Taking the time to step back and assess the situation without going into defeatist or panic mode. I mean this works for life too. Everything could be all good one minute, and then your monitor stops working. How do you deal? Getting into a mindful space  and just being persistent and determined. Thinking clearly, letting that creative, problem solving energy flow through you. Steve Jobs mediated, I think? Are other people in the tech world utilizing mindfulness? Does this hippy, new age stuff merge well with the logical thinking of the technology field? Just some random observations.

How to make a Magic Mirror – Part Deux

I couldn’t get the configuration file to work in Michael Teeuw’s Magic Mirror source code so I coded my own ‘app’ over on CodePenScreenshot 2016-09-01 15.49.55

I forked some of the code from Free Code Camp’s Weather App as well as Emile’s Smart Mirror Layout. I also coded in some major keys from the Guru DJ Khaled.



I cleaned up the typos and was ready to do the final assemble, when the screen stopped working. They don’t want me to build this Magic Mirror. Will I build this Magic Mirror? Find out on the next episode.