How to get the keys…


I’ve been neglecting my AWS studies a bit. I got sidetracked with other hobbies and the start of the new semester. My cloud computing class with the ITEM has started again also, and everything makes sense this time around. Like, so much more sense. The things that I’d been struggling with have gotten a lot easier.


I can now create and connect to an instance with my eyes closed. Not really, but you what I’m saying. I’m finally feeling confident about using the command line. Knowing my key paths and directories and just how to navigate them, definitely a major key.

Speaking of keys, I opened up my inbox and saw this article from Quincy Larson.

Upgrading to macOS Sierra will break your SSH keys and lock you out of your own servers.

-Quincy Larson

I was like 0.0

Not only had a JUST upgraded to Sierra, but I had just started to understand the keys now now they would be all jacked up and my breakthrough would have been for nothing. Luckily, I took a deep breath and followed Quincy’s mini tutorial to make sure my keys were all good.

Also, Amazon has finally published an official AWS Solutions Architect study guide. It seems a little overpriced to me, $57 for the paperback $60 for the kindle version. I’m getting a copy for sure and will probably do a review here. It won’t be released until October 17, so I’m wondering if the price will drop after that. I guess we’ll see…aws_certified_solutions_architect_official_study_guide_cover_image


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