How to be a computer…


I’ve found my new favorite book. Hidden Figures is the story of a group of black women who worked as computers for NASA. They worked as computers! Like human computers. They did the math computations for some of NASAs earliest space missions. They did it all by hand during a time when gender equality and civil rights were more punch-lines than reality.  I’m so happy this book was published in time for my own STEM journey. Despite all the setbacks, failures and second-guessing that I face, its nothing compared to the odds stacked against these women. There were so many lines and paragraphs I wanted to highlight in the book. I couldn’t, its a library copy and I’m a good patron. I hope Santa brings me my very own copy for Christmas. Every time my code doesn’t work, every time I spend hours working on a lab only for it to not work — I’ll be thinking of these pioneering women who blazed such an amazing trail. This book has given me a renewed sense of determination and I cannot wait to see this movie on the big screen.


How to be a Super Hero

I was super excited to find out that my sort of doppelgänger, Lunella Lafayette was the smartest super hero in the Marvel Universe. Then I found out that the latest incarnation of Iron Man, was going to be a 15 year old MIT genius named Riri Williams. Riri is a black girl with giant afro. This made my heart sing.


Inclusion is such a blessing and its nice to see a monolith like Marvel jumping into the diversity pool. This NPR article from a few months back made me fall deeply and madly in love with Marvel again. They are planning special edition covers to promote girls in STEAM fields. The covers will feature the fly girls of Marvel,  Riri, Lunella and Gwenpool. I’m gonna be spending a lot of money on comic books.


How to utilize the public library…


About two years ago, while doing a basement purge, I came across my library card. I went online to see how or if I could renew it, and was very pleased at what I found. My public library has stepped into the technology age. You could now create an account using your card number and access library materials digitally! You can browse for items, put them on hold and pick them up at your favorite location! I’ve been doing that ever since I found out about it. My latest ‘library haul’ included Hamilton: The Revolution, Lois Lowry’s Son and a book about coffee roasting, because that’s my latest hobby.  Such a convenient way to keep up with my favorite reads, and best of all, it’s free.


I thought I couldn’t get anymore excited about this new library set up. Then, I learned about Hoopla. Hoopla is a digital library app filled with audiobooks, e-books, movies and music that you can stream for FREE using your library card! I LOVE audiobooks, but they are NOT cheap, and even services like Audible can get a little pricey. Hoopla lets me borrow audiobooks, directly on my iPhone. The app is available on iTunes, Google Play and right in your browser. I’m borrowing a few graphic novels right now!