How to get your shine on…

My last post had some questions about mixing mindfulness with technology. I seemed to have manifested an answer: SHINE.

Shine is a text-based app created by two women of color. Shine sends you a text message every morning with positive affirmations and sometimes a hilarious gif. One of the founders described the service as “a way to address negative thought patterns.”


The messages range from quotes to gifs, all of which hit on one of the startup’s four pillars: Confidence, daily happiness, mental health and productivity.

Somebody at CNN

Its such a brilliant idea and an amazing positive way to start any day. I would love the opportunity to learn from and/or work with the creators of this service. Use this referral link to not only try the service yourself, but it’ll give me a chance to have the creators notice me and like me and want to work with me. K, thx.