How to learn about VPCs…

I keep reading that VPCs (Virtual private Cloud) is such a huge chunk of the AWS Solutions Architect Exam. I’ve always with been the most shaky on this particular AWS service. I feel like I’ve just figured out how to properly set one up, so I really need to focus on this area. I have to do a presentation on AWS to my class next week, so this is a great opportunity for to really go over everything with in detail.



I made these slides to help me get the difference between Security Groups and Network ACLs. I set them up as if they were sworn enemies and there can only be one. I’m pretty sure Network ACLs would win in a fight. They just seem like a safe bet. I’m not sure my class will appreciate the super hero homage, but listen, we all have our learning aids.


How to learn AWS:revisited

When I first started my AWS journey, I wanted some additional learning resources. I initially subscribed to Cloud Academy because of their bomb student discount. I loved most of the content, particularly the labs and most of the lectures. I liked how all the content was categorized and you could choose your learning path. Some of the lectures were confusing and the quizzes left me feeling super lost. I was already looking for another resource but one day I logged on and quite a bit of the content had been labeled outdated.

I came across A Cloud Guru in one of the AWS sub-reddits and decided to give it a try. They were offering the complete Solutions Architect course for $29, so I went ahead and bought it. I pretty happy with it so far. I’m not sure if the information is easier to digest because I’m familiar with it or if the course content is just explained better. Either way, the lessons and labs are easy for me to follow and I’m really feeling like my knowledge is progressing.

How to find inspiration…

Sometimes I get big ideas in my head. Maybe I CAN build a TARDIS from scratch and travel through space and time. I could be a bit more realistic and maybe just end poverty and violence in the Third World. I could zoom in on that idea a little more and maybe…(well I’m not telling you my idea yet. I don’t even know you that well). Where do I even get started? How do I get over the feeling of not being a good enough programmer, not having any business savvy. How do I just get over all the doubt hurdles and just do the damn thing?? Find some inspiration. Nothing inspires me and fires me up more than watching someone talk about their passions. That’s why I love TED Talks. I mean I could go down a serious rabbit hole and spend a good twenty hours watching them so I try to limit myself to a few videos in a row. Here’s a playlist of my current favorite TED Talks.