How to understand VPCs, subnets and IGWs…


Still trying to really grasp the concept of VPCs and route table. This diagram, which contains actual clouds really brought everything together for me. Also, it was pretty relaxing drawing everything out and then coloring everything in. I think I’m going to draw out a few more of these diagrams.


How to learn about VPCs…

I keep reading that VPCs (Virtual private Cloud) is such a huge chunk of the AWS Solutions Architect Exam. I’ve always with been the most shaky on this particular AWS service. I feel like I’ve just figured out how to properly set one up, so I really need to focus on this area. I have to do a presentation on AWS to my class next week, so this is a great opportunity for to really go over everything with in detail.



I made these slides to help me get the difference between Security Groups and Network ACLs. I set them up as if they were sworn enemies and there can only be one. I’m pretty sure Network ACLs would win in a fight. They just seem like a safe bet. I’m not sure my class will appreciate the super hero homage, but listen, we all have our learning aids.

How to stay focused


The internet is one big distraction. What’s the latest hashtag on twitter? Has Ms. Tina posted anything on Instagram lately? ? What’s the best lipstick for my skin tone? What was Brad Pitt’s character’s name in that movie he was in with Morgan Freeman? WHAT WAS IN THAT BOX? Let me look those things up real quick, and then 17 hours later you still haven’t done anything productive. So how do you cut the distractions and get things done?

Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.59.18

  1. Download Self Control right now!!!!! You put in all the websites that distract you the most ( just copy and paste your entire browser history) and the app blocks it for the amount of time you choose. The best thing is once you set an allotted time, there’s nothing you can do until the time is up (except for your actual work).
  2. Put on some ambient noise. I’m obsessed with ambient sound mixes. Noisli is one of my favorite websites. You can create your own mixes or chose from one of the productivity or relaxation mixes they already have.This site lets you recreate soothing sounds from your favorite movies and series. There’s the Gryffindor Common Room, the Hogwarts Library even a little stream in The Shire.
  3. Close some tabs and focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a lie.
  4. Get into Chill Step. If the ambient noise is making you nod off, listen to this mix. It’ll get you tapping those toes, but still keep you on track.

Keep it productive!