How to make a magic mirror III…

So I finally did it. I was able to complete my Magic Mirror!


I ended up having to get a new (used from eBay) monitor.


I added the patterned tape around the edges to give it some flavor.


Add your favorite plants and its actually a pretty fly addition to any meditation space.


How to make a Magic Mirror – Part Deux

I couldn’t get the configuration file to work in Michael Teeuw’s Magic Mirror source code so I coded my own ‘app’ over on CodePenScreenshot 2016-09-01 15.49.55

I forked some of the code from Free Code Camp’s Weather App as well as Emile’s Smart Mirror Layout. I also coded in some major keys from the Guru DJ Khaled.



I cleaned up the typos and was ready to do the final assemble, when the screen stopped working. They don’t want me to build this Magic Mirror. Will I build this Magic Mirror? Find out on the next episode.

How to make a MagicMirror…

One of my best friends made a Raspberry Pi Arcade console and it inspired me to make something of my own. So I finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 3 and decided to make a Magic Mirror. I got everything together…

I salvaged the screen from an old laptop and bought a power board from eBay. I found the MagicMirror source code on Github, but I can seem to get the configuration file to work. This is basically the last piece of the puzzle. I’m trying to sift through as many tutorials as I can to help me get this thing working. Magic Mirror coming soon…