How to understand VPCs, subnets and IGWs…


Still trying to really grasp the concept of VPCs and route table. This diagram, which contains actual clouds really brought everything together for me. Also, it was pretty relaxing drawing everything out and then coloring everything in. I think I’m going to draw out a few more of these diagrams.


How take constructive criticism…

I have pretty thick skin. I usually take criticism well, because it gives me some directions and steers me away from what I shouldn’t be doing. The other day I got an email from one of my mentors and it knocked me back a bit. It wasn’t mean spirited in any way, but a wake up call for sure.

you’re a bright lady and my only wish is that you step out of the shell.
I mean be pro active, be a leader. You have the ingredients why NOT?


I always appreciate honesty. Especially when it serves to better my character. I will say though, when I first read it, it was kind of a hurt piece. I knew it was coming from a good place, so I took the time to really digest the comment and see what changes I need to make.

I feel like 95% of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. I just sort of push through things and if they work, “yas!” if they don’t, I try something else. The same goes for this world of tech as well. I’m still learning and I’m not at all confident in my skill. A lot of times I feel like I have no ideas to contribute or even any thoughts to add to the conversation. The email from my mentor proves that someone thinks I have something worthwhile to contribute. Being a leader terrifies me for some reason. I’m learning to push through fear in other ways, so way not in this way too. Here’s to a productive, assertive, confident 2017!

How to learn AWS:revisited

When I first started my AWS journey, I wanted some additional learning resources. I initially subscribed to Cloud Academy because of their bomb student discount. I loved most of the content, particularly the labs and most of the lectures. I liked how all the content was categorized and you could choose your learning path. Some of the lectures were confusing and the quizzes left me feeling super lost. I was already looking for another resource but one day I logged on and quite a bit of the content had been labeled outdated.

I came across A Cloud Guru in one of the AWS sub-reddits and decided to give it a try. They were offering the complete Solutions Architect course for $29, so I went ahead and bought it. I pretty happy with it so far. I’m not sure if the information is easier to digest because I’m familiar with it or if the course content is just explained better. Either way, the lessons and labs are easy for me to follow and I’m really feeling like my knowledge is progressing.

How to deal with rejection…

A big part of being a newbie in the tech field is rejection. Rejection is just an unpleasant part of the human existence. I’ve suffered enough setbacks to make me a rejection PRO, but for some reason every time I see that ‘we regret to inform you’ from a potential employer, I do a little bit of this…

So how do you get over the emotional slice of having a business hit you with the ‘girl,bye’?

  1. Feel it. Feel the disappointment, but don’t wallow in it for too long.
  2. Do a self-analysis. This doesn’t mean pick yourself a part and question your whole self-worth, but just see where you can make improvements, what can set you apart from the others. For me, I’m realizing that I don’t have a big enough body of work. I need to showcase, my skill and what I have to offer.
  3. Get motivated, watch something happy, shake off the negativity and move forward.
  4. Do the work. Build the portfolio, improve the skill, make yourself irresistible. If rejection strikes again, do a Brian McKnight and start back at one.

How to REALLY appreciate Ira Glass…


Ira Glass is a National Treasure. If a nuclear apocalypse occurs, please make sure he gets to one of those super fancy bomb-proof bunkers. We’re going to need him to recount stories from the past.He brought us the brilliance that is This American Life and personally, my Sunday is not complete without his soothing vocals and gripping stories. I need people to appreciate him more. He quotes are floating around the internet, there’s little gems of appreciation to him hear and there, but I need him to be a bigger precesence in our pop culture consciouness. I would like more rap references to Ira Glass, perhaps a Broadway Musical dedicated to him. I need more. One of my internet faves, Evelyn From the Internets gave a solid shout-out to the radio man and mentioned my favorite Ira gem specifically!

‘Do a lot of work’ thats what Ira said! Sometimes I feel like, I’m not the most creative person. I’m not the best programmer. My coding skills are mediocre, everything I put on CodePen is laughable, but then Mr. Glass comes through with the knowledge.


So I just have to do the work. Do a lot of work, until I get better. My weather app my not be cool, or unique, but its something I’m working on until I can write a weather app code in my sleep.The work won’t be perfect, or even close to good, but it’l be done and I can look back at it, and see where I need improvement. Thank you for the insight Ira Glass.

Enjoy this love song to Ira, via Adam WarRock–