How to learn AWS

I’m trying to be as efficient as possible in my AWS learning methods. I know nothing about cloud computing and everything I learned in the network class I took last semester went over my head. The Item Academy is has been great in laying out the fundamentals for me, but I still feel like I’m behind the learning curve. I’ve been looking at other resources to help break things down a bit more for me. I only have a few pennies to spend, but I would like a robust set of resources.

  1. Cloud Academy seems the most intriguing to me. The price is right, they offer their professional plus tier to students for $9/month. They have video courses, quizzes and AWS certification prep! Now that’s what I came for. Without the student discount this tier is a little over $40/month. That’s a little too decadent for my budget, so praise God for the student hook-up.schermata-01-2456321-alle-16-39-40
  2. Amazon actually offers their own training series, but they don’t sound as cute as CLOUD ACADEMY. I’ll definitely use them as a learning resource, but the lingo goes over my head a bit. I need them to explain things to me like I’m five. I think when I’m a little better versed I’ll circle back around to them.amazon_web_services
  3. Tuts Plus seems helpful also. I don’t think they’re giving me everything I need, especially since they are another paid service. They’re worth a browse though. I need all the help I can get.


Still on the hunt for more learning resources. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect match soon.


You are now blogging with the best…


I’ve always been gun shy about social media. It just seems to be littered with negativity, mis-information and thirst traps. I tend to keep my activities vague and to a minimum. Recently though, I’ve been toying with the idea of started a blog. I’m slowly making my way into the tech world and it seems that having a website or blog is a little essential.


I’ve  gotten pretty hyped about cloud computing and I’m very blessed to be working with The Item. They are an inclusive tech organization offering a free class on Amazon Web Services. The end game is that I will be able to pass my certification and  be on my way to becoming a real life CLOUD ARCHITECT! How magical is that? This is as close to a TARDIS as I’m gonna get. Anyhow, I’m gonna document my journey into the clouds here, along with some other random bits. Stay tuned!